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“2020health is an important and thoughtful contributor to the health debate”

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chairman, Health Select Committee


Arrhythmia Watch Do we need more telehealth?

We have yet to encounter a “sea change” in the adoption of new technologies such as telehealth and telemedicine, in the view of Shadow Health Secretary, Andy Burnham MP. Why is this?

Speaking at a meeting organised by 2020health, a “grass-roots, health and technology policy Think Tank,” at the Microsoft offices in London recently, Mr Burnham described how the NHS is paid by those who “go through the door,” know as an “episodic tariff,” and thereby the hospital has become the “default setting”.

“Our love affair with technology seems to extend into every area of our lives but health,” in the view of Julia Manning, Chief Executive of 2020health. This raises a number of questions on how we can engage both professionals and patients towards participation in such new initiatives.