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“2020health is an important and thoughtful contributor to the health debate”

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chairman, Health Select Committee


ITV Tonight What next for the NHS?

Image What next for the NHS?

Ideas from 2020health Report 'Going with the Flow' are discussed by Julia Manning, Chief Executive of 2020health, on ITV 'Tonight'.

About this episode of the Tonight programme:
Spiralling costs and increasing demand have pushed the National Health Service to the brink of financial disaster. Experts predict a thirty billion-pound shortfall by the end of the decade, with urgent, radical change needed to save it from going bust. Presenter Julie Etchingham looks at the options that lie ahead and examines whether services such as IVF treatment, gastric band surgery and the use of expensive life-prolonging cancer drugs can and should still be provided free of charge on the NHS.

Julia Manning, eye specialist and Chief Executive of think tank 2020 Health, is clear that the NHS can’t go on providing everything that it does now and it’s time we started taking responsibility for our own health.

"A lot of us are still making some pretty poor decisions around our lifestyles, so were still eating too much, drinking too much, smoking too much and we are living longer with conditions that previously would have killed us."

"We are all going to have to get more used to the fact that we’re going to have to spend more money on ourselves and we can quite see that the healthcare industry will come up with insurance packages for those who want to take them."