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“2020health is an important and thoughtful contributor to the health debate”

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chairman, Health Select Committee


Press Release Use of Health Tech vital for personalising HEALTH CARE

Image Use of Health Tech vital for personalising HEALTH CARE

Yesterday, 2020health hosted a seminar at the Future Hospitals Conference in Salford. The discussion; which was headed up by key figures from health and technology, centred around the emerging opportunities that health technology can offer to patients and healthcare professionals. The panel comprised of Dr Howard Leicester, a Patient Informatics Consultant to the NHS, Maxine Mackintosh, Director of Health Tech Women, Dr Chris Tomkins, Head of Proactive Health at AXA PPP Healthcare, and Professor Andy Miah, Chair of Science Communication and Future Media at the University of Salford, with 2020health’s Chief Executive, Julia Manning chairing the discussion.

Dr Howard Leicester, who is himself deaf and blind spoke about how technology can empower people with disabilities and help them manage their own conditions, giving the example of an app that allows him to use his mobile phone, by reading its display.  It was clear that the panel felt strongly that the application of such schemes would allow people to better manage their own health.  However, Maxine Mackintosh warned that whilst harnessing digital health technology had a role in improving outcomes, active participation from its user was required for it to be successful.

Dr Chris Tomkins highlighted that in order to be successful in helping drive behaviour change health tech doesn’t need to be complicated, it just needs to deliver on the healthcare or wellbeing need.

Professor Andy Miah discussed some of the on-the-horizon pieces of health technology that are revolutionising care, such as an in-sock tracking device for elderly dementia patients.

The event also launched 2020health’s two categories in AXA PPP’s ‘Health Tech & You’ awards.  The Awards aim to recognise and celebrate individuals, companies and innovations that are changing healthcare and people’s lives across the world, and has seven categories.  The ‘Champion Award’ will identify the person or organisation who has most pioneered the uptake of health technology. The ‘Health and Care Award' will seek out the piece of technology that has made the most difference to healthcare providers.  To learn more about the categories, or to apply, please visit

Julia Manning, Chief Executive of 2020health said:
“It was wonderful to have so many experts in the room, and to see that there is such an interest in progressing digital health.  The conversation was very dynamic and the audience questions were very interesting and varied."

“2020health have long been of the opinion that technology and electronic patient records have an essential role to play in supporting people to take responsibility for their own health.  This empowerment will not only produce better outcomes for individuals, but will also ease the strain on the health and social care systems, which as we all know, are currently under intense pressure."

“It is clear that there is enthusiasm and an appetite for digital health solutions, and we are proud to be part of AXA PPP’s ‘Health Tech & You’ partnership.  In the seminar, we spoke about a range of exciting new tech ideas, and I would recommend that they consider applying for the awards.”


Future Hospitals Conference
The Future of Hospitals Conference, which took place on 1st December, explored how the health system can be re-designed to make it fit to meet future challenges.  Attendees heard from a range of speakers on how existing innovative and patient-centred services are assisting in developing a comprehensive model of hospital care that meets patients’ current and future needs.

AXA PPP’s ‘Health Tech & You’ Awards
AXA PPP Health Tech & You is a joint initiative led by AXA PPP Healthcare together with think tank 2020health and the Design Museum. It aims to guide and grow the conversation about health tech, empowering people everywhere to use technology to lead healthier lives and be more in control of their health and wellbeing.

Throughout the year eight major events will be taking place across the UK with a focus on Health, Tech, Design and their applications for healthcare professionals, providers and consumers. These events are designed to identify and encourage innovators, designers, developers and healthcare providers to enter the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards 2016.

For more information, please contact Rosalia Wood on 07730 499 649.



The AXA PPP 'Health Tech & You' Awards aim to recognise and celebrate individuals, companies and innovations that are changing healthcare and people’s lives across the world. read on HealthTech

The Future of Hospitals Conference and Exhibition

The Future of Hospitals Conference and Exhibition

The Future of Hospitals Conference explored how we can design a new system that is sustainable and fit to meet future challenges. The Conference addressed how existing innovative, patient-centred services to develop a comprehensive model of hospital care that meets the needs of patients, now and in the future. read on The Future of Hospitals Conference and Exhibition