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Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chairman, Health Select Committee


2020health Press Release Equity and Excellence – is the NHS liberated?

As the Government publishes its health White Paper and associated consultations, 2020health asks is the NHS liberated?

Julia Manning, Chief Exec of has responded to today’s White Paper “Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS”.

‘We welcome the Government’s White Paper today. The NHS does need liberating from top down diktats and this Paper’s radical plans to change who holds the budget in the NHS from regional and local NHS Trusts to front-line GPs is very exciting.

This transfer of responsibility is a massive change in the way that the NHS is run. We think there will be enough doctors – it will take a few thousand to actively lead on this transformation – who will want to take the clinical lead. It will mean issues such as getting patients diagnosed and back to work as quickly as possible will incentivised.

 However this Paper doesn’t go far enough. Unreasonable demands that drain NHS resources from issues such as minor ailments, risky behaviour and ignorance are not being addressed although the moves to put patients much more into a ‘partnership’ mindset, improving patient information and in charge of their health record are definitely a welcome move towards encouraging responsibility.

We have some concern over GPs being burdened with too much of all that commissioning entails: buying, selling, planning, strategy, monitoring, evaluating, performance management, specialism appraisals, data collection, reconfiguration, IT systems. However we see real opportunities as a result for private contractors and Social Enterprises to become much more involved in providing and facilitating NHS services such as:

• Advising on aspects of commissioning
• Handling contracts and transactions
• Demonstrating their high quality outcomes
• Providing services and new pathways of care

You can’t get rid of administration, but in effect these reforms could mean they are transferred to streamlined organisations who will have to demonstrate the value for money that NHS ‘administrative’ trusts never did.’

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