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“2020health is an important and thoughtful contributor to the health debate”

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chairman, Health Select Committee



Sir Anthony Garrett, General Secretary, ABDO

“An excellent day yesterday. Some real thought provoking moments.”

Dr Ali Parsa, Founder & CEO, Babylon 

“Ten years ago, none of us would have imagined the changes in the way we shop, keep in touch with friends, network, carry out our banking or book trips. The conditions are now in place for profoundly similar changes to take place in the way we access and manage healthcare. Rather than fussing over the past, 2020health does a great job shining a light on how the future should look like. And, that is an effort well worth supporting."

Bernard Jenkin MP 


“The best health Think Tank in the UK” 

Jenny Edwards, Chief Executive, Mental Health Foundation 

“Thank you so much for your kind invitation to hear Simon Stevens speak yesterday at your parliamentary reception. It was an event with a lot of exciting buzz in the room. I enjoyed your introduction Julia, you seemed to set a theme for the discussion.”

The Rt. Hon. Norman Lamb, Minister for Health

“Following the All-Party report on ‘Parity in progress’ last week, I welcome 2020health’s ‘Whole in One’ report which highlights ways to legally embed parity of esteem for people with depression. I am passionate about improving prevention and services for people with mental illnesses and know that we need radical improvements to ensure people get the help, support and treatment that they need, when they need it.”

Andy Hilton, Chair, National Long Term Survivors Group 

2020health Report - Growing older positively: The challenge of ageing with HIV September 2014

"Congratulations to the authors and team for producing such a well prepared and information-packed report."


Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chairman, Health Select Committee

“2020 health is an important and thoughtful contributor to the health debate”

Dr Henry Purcell, Editor, British Journal of Cardiology

“I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you and your colleagues for organising the excellent meeting on technology for older people last week.” 

Simon Glass-Hooper, Health-Connected Ltd


“I very much enjoyed the meeting, on many levels. I met so many interesting people, and relevant to our current Crowdcube funding mission.”

Tony Bowden, Partner, The IT Health Partnership

"Many thanks for an excellent session"

Andrew McHugh, Medical Practice Director, Horsefair Surgery

"It was a very enjoyable and informative session"

Professor Norman Williams, President, Royal College of Surgeons

‘2020health provides a valuable contribution to some of the major health policy issues being debated by decision-makers in the NHS’


Amber Rudd MP 

“I was delighted to work with 2020health who provided great expertise and support for the cross party inquiry”

Helen Crichton, Head of Public Affairs, Danone Baby Nutrition

Interesting, engaging and broad!

Raj Patel, Impact Fellow ULSC, Institute for Social & Economic Research, University of Essex

Great deal of food for thought. It is a complex issue and there are gaps in evidence.

Sara Morgan, Policy and Special Projects, Myeloma UK

2020health Report “Orphan Medicines: Special treatment required?” 12th November 2012 
We just wanted to drop you a line to congratulate you on the excellent report you produced for 2020 Health.

I’m just reading through it now and it’s a very comprehensive analysis of all the factors involved in decision making around orphan medicines. I’m sure its recommendations will be very well received.

It would be good to hear what feedback you have from policy makers/government on the report and what 2020 Health intends to do to influence the policy making process going forwards to ensure these recommendations are acted upon.

Jane Hughes, Health Correspondent, BBC

Learning lunch 24th May 2012 -
"It was an excellent discussion, with strong speakers and good questions from the floor. Longer on highlighting the issues than on offering solutions, but that’s the nature of the problem."

Peter Coe, Former Chief executive of East London and the City Health Authority

Learning lunch 24th May 2012 -
“I was very impressed by 2020health’s planning and approach to the issues of funding of social care”

Peter Coe, Former Chief executive of East London and the City Health Authority

Men’s Health Symposium 27th March 2012 -
“I thought it was an excellent and informative event”

Aileen Uwins, Business Development Director, Abermed Ltd

Men's Health Symposium 27th March 2012 -
“Inspiring insight on how men perceive / read ‘health promotion’ type material, really got a feel for a need to change how we engage with this population – thank you Jim”

Andrew Lansley MP, Secretary of State for Health

“I have been very impressed with some of the discussions and documents that have emerged from 2020health. They are looking at serious issues (for example vaccination, dentistry, screening) and providing valuable impact on future policy.”

Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell MP, Chair of the Health Select Committee

"2020health provides an invaluable forum for those who are interested in development and reform of the Health Service. Its meetings are always stimulating and thought provoking."

Mike Penning MP, Transport Minister and former Shadow Health Minister

“The (dentistry) report was an excellent piece of work that was fundamental in understanding dentistry issues; it will be extensively used when drawing up Conservative Party Policy in this area.”

Mary Macleod, MP

"It was a really good event with great people sitting around the table talking about very relevant issues."

Sara Osborne,  Head of Public Policy, AgeUK

"Good event with a range of participants. Julia chaired really well to ensure everyone could feed in."

Paul Harvey, Marketing Manager, Concordia Health Ltd.

"The calibre of the attendees to the event was excellent."

Andy Bell, Deputy Chief Executive, Centre for Mental Health

"Thank you for inviting me to this excellent breakfast meeting – one of the best I’ve been to and I’ve been to lots of these!"

Cllr Dr Angela Brady, GP 

"2020health are right on the mark in getting to grips with those issues affecting the front line, who often don't have time to address them. Ahead of the game enough to provide timely and accessible opinion, but close enough to be a relevant resource."

Professor David Taylor, School of Pharmacy

"Excellant work at the cutting edge of public interest and individual health care development"

Alison Rogan, Marketing Director, Tunstall on working with 2020health

"I was impressed by the thoroughness of the evaluation, no stones were left unturned. It really is an impressive view of the telehealth market today and the strength of the opportunity."

Tony Bowden, Business Development Director, iSOFT

"iSOFT has been delighted to participate for the second year in this important initiative. My colleagues and I have been impressed with the professionalism, dedication and focus of all the 2020Health team on this project and we hope that the eventual outcomes will rightly justify their efforts and our commitment"

Dr Justin Whatling, BT

"2020health has produced a very good report on the current status of the telehealth market and how to move it forward. Their approach to the work has been of the highest quality and professionalism and BT is pleased to have had the opportunity to collaborate with 2020health on this piece of work."

Susan McNulty, Editor, Practical Commissioning

"Professional, established, centre-right think tank which has a particular interest in the role of women in the NHS"

Ian Manovel, Associate Director of Analytics, Health Dialog

"Well organised, it has a positive, “can do” air about it and it involves a broad range of thinkers"

Dr Helen Glenister, Director of Operations, Humana Europe

"Professional and credible"

Mark Lloyd-Davies, Head of Government Affairs & Communications, Janssen-Cilag on working with us

“2020health play an extremely important role in acting as a voice for not only NHS Staff but also health Policy advisors and other legitimate stakeholders such as the pharmaceutical industry” 



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