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Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chairman, Health Select Committee


Essential Briefing: Sharing progress - what can the NHS and Africa learn from each other?

Oct 31. till Jul 31.

Invitation Only Event

With guest speakers:

Mark Simmonds MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
Professor Philippa Easterbrook, Senior Scientist, HIV Department, WHO

October 31, 20132013-10-31T12:30:03 - July 31, 2013 2013-07-31T02:00:32
12:30 PM 2013-10-31T12:30:03 - 2:00 PM 2013-07-31T02:00:32
Portcullis House, Westminster

In recent decades, global attention to the distressing state of health in Sub-Saharan Africa has greatly increased, as has funding to combat major health problems. In some areas, notable improvements in certain areas have been made. Yet life expectancy across Sub-Saharan African is stagnant and millions still suffer from diseases that are easily treated in developed countries.

Debate on how developed countries can help those in Africa can often seem stuck in a mindset of one-way monetary aid, which alone can be both ineffective and detrimental. It could be much more beneficial, and dignifying, to ask how and what can we learn from each other?

In this session we want to explore:

· What can the NHS and African countries learn from each other’s creative thinking where few or dwindling material resources are available?
· Can the NHS provide support to Sub-Saharan African countries in managing long term conditions whilst the NHS could learn from countries, such as Malawi, where it is customary for patients to own their personal health records?

Julia Manning, Chief Executive, 2020health, visiting a clinic in Africa
Julia Manning, Chief Executive, 2020health, visiting a clinic in Africa