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Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chairman, Health Select Committee


Essential Briefing: Fit for Later Life

Nov 06. till Nov 06.

Invitation Only Event

Hosted by The Rt Hon Paul Burstow MP

With Speaker:
Ros Altman, Pensions Expert

November 6, 20132013-11-06T03:00:57 - November 6, 2013 2013-11-06T04:30:28
3:00 PM 2013-11-06T03:00:57 - 4:30 PM 2013-11-06T04:30:28
Portcullis House, Westminster

In this session we want to explore:

● How do we prepare people for later life without it feeling like we are preparing for the end?
● How can we change people’s perceptions of what it means to be older and reduce the negative connotations and language (such as ‘burden’)?
● Does the State have a role in promoting the value and contribution of older people?
● Where are the good examples of breaking down social barriers between the generations?

Preparing for major events in life is something we all do. There are those we expect and those we pre-empt might happen by taking out insurance. From holiday and car insurance to pensions, we try and give ourselves a degree of security against what life throws at us. We plan meticulously for some events or phases of our lives and more broadly for others. We often share the event or major change with others close to us, or ask them for help, advice and support. Yet when it comes to planning for our later life we don’t seem to have the same enthusiasm. Has the thought of being old now become so negative that we bury our heads in the sand?